Interesting Da Lat activities you should never miss

Da Lat is the south-central Vietnamese town offering travelers good weather, fun shopping, great food, and a lot of things to do. When it comes to Da Lat activities, there are numerous activities like biking, hiking, trekking, cruising, rappelling, or simply enjoying the fresh and cool air.


Adventure Sports

If you are a fan of adventure activities, then you will love it. Da Lat, as well as the nearby region, is the destination where visitors could enjoy good outdoor sports like white-water rafting, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, paragliding, and canyoning. It is estimated that there are several enterprises in Dalat supplying good tour packages.

Cable Car

In regard to interesting Da Lat activities, the cable car is a great choice. The cable car riding from/to Truc Lam Monastery (Thiền Viện Trúc Lâm) is a common way to see the city of thousands of flowers from above. Along the 2.5 km ride, visitors could enjoy the attractive scenery like rivers, pine tree-covered hills, rice plantations, and the sea. Truc Lam Monastery is rather new and already well-known for its beautiful pagoda. You should avoid school or national holidays and weekends if you do not like the crowds. Also, it is a favorite place for picnicking.


Do you want to discover a real Da Lat wildly? If yes, you should go hiking. One of Da Lat activities that many adventurers love is hiking in Da Lat. Leisurely nature walks along the forest trail will allow you to discover the beauty of this area. Da Lat, in reality, is full of great natural sights where interesting birds and animals could be found. The treks might lead you to waterfalls, caves, lakes, minority villages, volcanic peaks, farmlands, and suspension bridges. About 12km north of the downtown of Da Lat, Langbiang Mountain is considered one of the most common destinations for a half-day or a day out hiking. Having 5 peaks ranging (from 2100-2400m in altitude), Langbiang Mountain is really worth visiting for anyone travelling to Da Lat. Other hot destinations for hiking include National Park, Ba Be (Ba Bể) Lake, the Lake of Sighs (Hồ Than Thở), Samson Mount and Pongour Falls.

Paddle Boats

If you travel with your kids, then do not forget to rent a big swan paddle boat and start taking a spin around Da Lat lakes including the lake inside Valley of Love (Thung Lũng Tình Yêu), the Lake of Sigh, and Xuan Huong (Xuân Hương) Lake – another manmade lake. It could be very fun for several hours at least.

Toboggan Rides

Want to try out some thrilling Da Lat activities without having to work out too much? One of the ideal options is the toboggan ride at the Datanla Waterfall. There are over 40 cars with two seats or more each one, the roller coaster signatures with medium-sized rapids. Tourists could slide down the long track of 80m in length with the speed of up to 40kmh. Having a friendly design, the toboggans have the safety that meets European standards.

Riding a Bike on Flower Paths

This is reckoned as one of the most romantic Da Lat activities that tourists could do. Put on warm clothes along with a scarf, rent a bike, and ride around the city. Da Lat is well-known for flowers which are grown everywhere. Fences are hung with roses while streets are impressively covered with Margarita daisy flowers, subtle mimosas, hydrangeas, pink cherry blossoms, and particularly wild sunflowers.

Explore the Coffee Shops

In recent years, Da Lat has gained a reputation for its retro vibe, making it a favourite destination for local photographers and yes, Instagrammers a-plenty. A lot of Da Lat cafes and restaurants have taken a cue from their snap-happy customers and developed ultra-chic, thoroughly Instagrammable interiors. From coffee shops with a social mission, to those with over 50 years of history, and some boasting magnificent views, Da Lat is full of excellent cafés waiting to be discovered.

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