Enjoy Korean nightlife in Busan

There are many ways to spice up your time in Busan but this incredible port city is well-known for its exciting nightlife more.

There are many ways to enjoy nightlife here, especially, exploring Busan’s best bars, clubs or beach is essential for an enriching experience when you drop by this sprightly city.

Haeundae Ogtap Rooftop

Head to the Dalmaji Hill side of Haeundae Beach for Haeundae Ogtap Rooftop, also known as Ok Rooftop. This bar (and restaurant) has views out over Haeundae Beach, the ocean and the tall skyscrapers of Marine City at the other end of the beach. It is located on top of Mipo Oceanside Hotel. It has a relaxed, beachside vibe with wooden tables, deckchairs and tropical plants, and it can get quite busy at night.

Fuzzy Navel

This little Mexican bar is a fantastic destination for good music and conversation. With an open bar overlooking the amazing Haeundae Beach, it is a place that does not solely offer booze and cocktails but a selection of sumptuous lunch fare too.

Haeundae Beach

A favorite during long summer days, as well as year round, Haeundae Beach continues to be a local favorite hangout. It could be because the beach is clean, free and easy to reach by metro. Not to mention that some of the best nightlife and bars are in this area, as well as western restaurants and an abundance of hotels lining the streets! There really is no reason not to head here! If on a budget, you can always head to the beach with a group of friends and bring your own drinks in a cooler, to keep costs down. Just make sure to clean up after yourselves or the fines are a hefty penny.

McQueen's Bar

Located on the outskirts of the city, east of Haeundae and Songjeong beaches, McQueen’s Bar is perched atop the five-star Hilton Hotel. It is an upscale drinking establishment; expect to pay in the region of 25,000 won (US $22) for a cocktail. The jazz-age-esque decor is stylish and theatrical, and the bar has excellent views out over the ocean (the hotel sits right on the edge of the water) and the area’s dramatic, rocky coastline. In the summer months, an adjacent pool bar is also open. Both bars offer a range of food.


Papa’s is a place everyone will deem their favourite haunt after a night of savouring the bar’s special cocktails and electrifying new concoctions. It is definitely not the type of bar with exhilarating events; instead, Papa’s is where you will come home.

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