Asian festivals to look forward to in March

Because many festivals and holidays in Asia are based on lunisolar calendars, dates change from year to year. Occasionally, Easter falls in March and is celebrated vividly throughout the Philippines. These are some other exciting Asian festivals have the potential to come up in March.


The Holi Festival

Definitely the messiest of the festivals in India, the Indian Holi festival is all about covering friends and strangers with colored dye while in a dancing frenzy. Colors aren't just thrown around in India; you'll find celebrations across Southeast Asia in places with sizable Hindu populations. You may luck into a Holi celebration in Singapore, Penang, or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.


Fat Tuesday occasionally hits in March, however, the Christian holiday isn't given much focus in Asia. Even the Philippines doesn't make as big a deal about Carnival as one would expect; Easter is a much bigger event there. A large dance celebration is held in Goa, India, where Portuguese colonists introduced the holiday. But then again, there's always a party in Goa!

Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

Celebrated on different dates throughout Japan as the trees bloom, groups and families flock to parks for picnics and hanami — literally "flower viewing." It's a fun, social time to be outside in the spring air. The end of March and all of April are great months to be in Japan for enjoying the beautiful-yet-fleeting blossoms.


The Balinese Day of Silence follows a rowdy New Year celebration, usually in March or April. Tourists are expected to remain inside their hotels for 24 hours; all activity on the island shuts down, even the airport. Participation is mandatory!

Full Moon Party in Thailand

The monthly Full Moon Party in Thailand will be in peak form in March as tens of thousands of revelers cram into Haad Rin on the island of Koh Phangan. Don't complain: Either join in the madness or avoid the area altogether! The party actually fills accommodation and transportation in the islands on that side of Thailand.

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