Malaysian Cuisine

Best local restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysian pride revolves around delicious food from Chinese and Indian to Malay and Western styles. With so many 24-hour mamaks and food courts, tourists can quickly feel overwhelmed with choices. Here is the list of the best local restaurants in Kuala Lumpur for any taste and budget.

Nasi Lemak, a Malaysia's national dish

Coconut rice, chili on the side, slivers of anchovy, nuts, and a boiled egg: meet Malaysia’s national dish, the nasi lemak. A simple everyday meal gracing the dinner table of Malaysians all across the country, this beloved dish has a history as humble as its ingredients.

All about Teh Tarik, Malaysia's nation drink

Sweet, earthy and soothing, Teh Tarik is a cherished fixture of Malaysian culture, forging warm childhood memories and wafting away the stresses of busy workers. Take a sip and you will taste Malaysia.

9 best street foods you have to try in Georgetown, Penang

There are only three places in the world you should visit for food: Milan, Mazatlán, and Penang. One has bruschettas, another has fajitas, and the latter has nasi lemak. So here’s what foods you should try in Georgetown, Penang.

Experience Malaysian cuisine in a day

Just like the country itself, Malaysian cuisine is also rich and diverse. Influenced by China and India, there is no shortage of flavor in the cooking. The whole country is full of amazing dishes, from main dishes even to street foods. Here are the typical dishes you can easily find anywhere in Malaysia.

What to eat when traveling to Penang, Malaysia

Sweet and spicy smells waft through the streets of Georgetown as noodle carts steam into the night. Famous the world over, the food in Penang is as diverse as the cultures that make it so unique. No other place on Earth can boast the cultural melting pot that makes Penang food so unique.

The ultimate guide to Melaka dishes

Melaka is not only a historical town, but Malaysia’s undisputed food mecca. Aside from having a pleasant vibe, gorgeous colonial structures and multicultural landmarks, Melaka also offers travelers with choices of mouth-watering food. Heavily influenced by the Peranakan style that is a mix of Chinese and Malay, Melaka dishes can genuinely satisfy a ...

Breakfast in Malaysia and dishes you should try

Influenced by Chinese and Indian cuisine, Malaysian cuisine has a good reputation in their daily meal. If you never have rice, noodles or fried pancake for breakfast, visit Malaysia one time to try these tasty dishes.