Korean Cuisine

The best Korean traditional desserts you have to try

Desserts from Korea are always known for their world-class taste and vibrant, colorful appeal. This is the collection of some of the most loved traditional Korean desserts. They are not just old and traditional, but also equally satisfying, and you wouldn’t understand unless you get acquainted with a few of these. The best part is that many of thes ...

10 best Myeongdong street foods

If you are into all things Korea, then you are probably no stranger to Myeongdong. Indeed, visiting Myeongdong is one of the top things to do in Seoul. Myeongdong is not only Seoul’s shopping mecca, but also a street food paradise for food lovers.

Best seafood dishes you should try in South Korea

Surrounded by water on three sides, the Korean peninsula is famous for its seafood. From simple recipes like fish stew and grilled shellfish to bizarre dishes such as live octopus and fermented skate, there’s plenty to please the seafood-loving gastronome.

All about Kimchi, Korea's nation food

You may have heard about kimchi, but what’s the fascination with this trending food? From its origins to uses, we’ve broken it all down. Here’s everything there is to know about the traditional Korean food taking the world by storm.

Discover Obangsaek, philosophy in Korean cuisine

Korean dish is known as a healthy cuisine and colorful look. Philosophical and spiritual aspects are influencing of Korean cuisine because in ancient times, food from all cultures had religious significance. People believed that sharing the food offered to gods, spirits or ancestors brought them blessings. The obangsaek is one of the spiritual aspe ...

Come to these best bibimbap restaurants in Seoul, Korea

Bibimbap is a healthy and delicious dish in South Korea. Made up of rice topped with seasonal vegetables and with additions consisting of egg or meat slices, this delicacy is served in numerous establishments throughout South Korea. Try one of these popular variations on bibimbap in the culinary metropolis that is Seoul.

Explore traditional Korean side dishes in their daily meal

Banchan, also known as side dishes, are essential parts of Korean daily meal. They are served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine and served in small dishes and supposed to be shared with everyone at the table. Banchan can be the vegetable side dishes listed here but also includes seafood and meats. Let find out what are the most popular side ...

Escape the heat with Korean refreshing summer dishes

Summer in Korea is in full force by mid-June, bringing with it muggy weather and bouts of heavy rain. As temperatures rise, people try to escape the heat by heading to the beach, the swimming pool, or air-conditioned cafes and malls. In Korea, however, staying healthy and cool during the summer is all about what you eat. Many Koreans try to beat th ...

Enjoy the various noodle dishes in South Korea

No trip to South Korea is completed without trying these amazing local dishes. There are so many reasons to travel to South Korea but one of the biggest reasons is its cuisine. South Korea is a wonderland for people who love food, from the amazing bibimbap to authentic noodle. Here are the best 4 noodles you need to try once.

5 street foods to try in Busan, South Korea

Busan is a foodie’s dream. From sizzling beachfront sea food to noodles, the city has plenty to get your teeth into. Here’s our guide to the dishes you simply can’t miss, and where you can find them.